Barbara Bixby Locks

Secret Gardens and Mysteries

In the course of researching and creating her ever-expanding Keys of Life collection, Barbara Bixby naturally encountered many locks and soon began designing those also. She comments: “I became intrigued by the beautiful and ornate locks that I found… They share the symbolisms of mystery and destiny.” In heraldry, locks represent protection; they also represent commitment, especially when set with garnets. From the simplicity of her all-metal garden locks to the intricately carved and bejeweled fantasy locks, each piece is a talisman in which design and symbolism are seamlessly entwined.

The secret gardens of Barbara’s imagination are guarded by special locks — intricate and mysterious. Among the motifs she incorporates are the vine-and-leaf (symbolizing the tree of life), signature lotus (spiritual enlightenment), butterflies (higher consciousness),  hearts (love), and crosses.

Couture Locks

QVC Locks