Mood Swings

The nature of moods — and swings — is that sometimes they are in peaceful repose, but more often they are in motion. So it will be with this blog. What goes in here will change according to my inclination and current obsessions. The pieces are a part of my puzzle. Some of them may fit your puzzle as well. If so, by all means make use of them. Some things might not end up fitting mine either. In which case I’ll put them in another place. Or not.

My name is Rebecca Saady Bingham. This is my blog until the wind changes.



  1. I love the representation of self as a sort of fluid puzzle.

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  2. Long ago my son put on the refrigerator a cartoon comic which in the final frame declared that the main character had a missing puzzle piece…or as intimated said person was his mother;-). The puzzle pieces of our lives create the picture of who we are. Thanks for revealing bits of your puzzle. Sm

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