DC Portals

Four DC Photos

Four photos from the miniature book DC Portals. Photos by Rachel Z. Bingham.

DC Portals is a photographic exploration of some of the neighborhoods in Washington, DC that are less likely to be encountered by casual visitors to the city. Doors, windows, passageways — these are images that intrigue photographer Rachel Bingham; this miniature book showcases a small sampling of the many such photos she has taken while living and working in Washington, DC.

Digitally printed in full color, the book features photographs from a variety of neighborhoods. An edition of 100 was planned, but due to some production difficulties, fewer than 76 are available. Two bindings are offered: regular and deluxe.

Regular Edition

The regular version of DC Portals has pictorial covers with cloth spines and is bound in a casual album style. Endpapers feature the DC flag of 3 stars over 2 bars. The book measures approximately 2-1/2″ x 2-1/2″. Most of the regular covers feature a DC townhouse scene; a few “informal” covers have a graffiti cover (available by special request). Books come in a protective wrapper of marbled paper. Accompanied by a lenticular “print” that alternates between 2 photos. Limited to 45 numbered copies. Price: $58 plus shipping of $3.50).

Deluxe Edition

Twenty-six deluxe copies (lettered A to Z) are available. Books are bound in full blue leather with double endpapers (marbled or paste-papers plus the DC flag papers that appear in the regular edition). Bound by Wesley Carpenter (Green Dragon Bindery).

The front cover features a cut-out area backed in decorative paper, into which a custom-made DC cityscape is set. The 3-D cityscape by jewelry artist Ola Shektman, features the Washington Monument, the Lincoln Memorial (yes, there is a tiny Lincoln), the White House, and the U.S. Capitol and is cast in bronze. A Washington, DC postage stamp is tipped into the book.

The book is housed in a leather fold-out case lined in a combination of decorative paper and cloth. The cover of the box is gold stamped. The inside lid of the box features a special lenticular print that alternates the cover images from the regular edition (depending on how you angle it). Price: $650. Shipping an additional $7.50.

DC Portals Deluxe with Box

DC Portals, deluxe, showing box interior. Image on left is a lenticular print that, when angled differently, shows a second photo.

To order, please contact Rebecca Bingham:

email: serous39202@mypacks.net

Payment via Pay Pal or, by pre-arrangement, check.

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  1. Hi Rebecca, Beautiful book indeed! I would like to purchase a copy of the regular edition. Please let me know if you accept personal checks and I need:
    1. Name on the check
    2. Address to be sent my check
    3. Total amount including regular shipping.
    Thank you so much and congratulations!
    MarĂ­a Rossell


  2. I love this book! Can’t wait to see all of Rachel’s photos!


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