Rebecca Press Miniature Books

About Rebecca Press

Rebecca Press was established by Rebecca Saady Bingham (that’s me) in 1980 for the purpose of publishing miniature books, although a couple of larger books have slipped into the mix. Aside from a brief 20-year hiatus, the press has operated continuously for 38 years.

cabinet miniature books

I have to thank Miriam Owen Irwin (Mosaic Press) for introducing me to miniature books, a kindness that literally changed my life. When I met her, I was collecting miniature dollhouse furniture and her printed dollhouse-size books intrigued me (in fact, I eventually wrote one on opals for her) but didn’t awaken particularly strong feelings. However, she happened to have with her a couple of examples of the larger size miniature books (under 3″ but definitely not dollhouse scale), and the moment I saw those I knew I had to make miniature books. Venus Explor’d, the first book of the press, was published 2 months later. I knew nothing about bookmaking or binding when I started. But here’s the truth: you can learn a lot in a very short time if you are obsessed enough and willing to drive everybody around you crazy in pursuit of your goal. I am not saying this is a good thing; it is simply a fact as I know it.

This is a list of the miniature books published by Rebecca Press since 1980.

Chronology of Rebecca Press Miniature Books

1980 Venus Explor’d
1982 Edna St. Vincent Millay: Sonnets and a Few Poems
1983 The Legend of Sleepy Hollow
1983 Gemological Pharmacopoeia
1983 Nonsense Botany
1983 Edward Lear Flip Book
1984 Erté Maquettes
1984 Flirtations
1985 The Nightingale and the Rose
1986 Golden Alphabet
1986 Lady Letters
1986 The Wild Swans
1988 Rosanella
1988 Alphabet Salmagundi
1988 The Devil’s Dictionary
1988 The Ideal Man
1988 Springtime à la Carte
1988 Mammon and Archer
1988 The Last Leaf
1989 The New House
1989 Quo’pourri
1991 Excerpts from Adam’s Diary
1991 Goose Eggs & Other Fowl Expressions
1992 Conclave Cookbook
1992 E-I-E-I-O
1993 The Goldfish/The Seventh Princess
1995 Gertrude Talks Back
2002 A Fashion Item
2016 Coles Phillips Fadeaway Girls
2016 The Lady or the Tiger?
2018 Defining the Rainbow
2018 Quoting the Rainbow
2018 DC Portals


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