The Lady or the Tiger?

A young man stands alone in the arena, facing a pair of identical doors. Behind one is a lovely woman waiting to be his bride. Behind the other crouches a snarling tiger ready to devour him.

Which door does he open?

This is the central dilemma in Frank R. Stockton’s quirky and thought-provoking fairy tale, which is presented in a new miniature edition from Rebecca Press. This publication marks the 36th year of the press.

The Lady or the Tiger? features full-color illustrations by Robert M. Place — world-renowned tarot scholar, lecturer, author, and designer/illustrator of beautiful and intriguing tarot decks. Created in the style of his tarot decks, these illustrations were done especially for the book.

This limited edition of 201 comprises: 150 regular books numbered 1-150; 26 lettered deluxe copies; and 25 out-of-series copies reserved for special use.

The book incorporates two different print processes. Text was printed letterpress directly from metal type. Full-color illustrations (including a fold-out) were digitally printed. 53pp. Size is 2-1/4″ x 2-7/8″.

Regular Edition

Bound in cloth specially designed and printed for this book; full-color endpapers.  Wrap-around, printed paper sleeve has a pictorial label. Individually numbered. Two versions of the regular edition were produced: The “Tiger” edition is bound in the darker cloth; the “Lady” copies, covered in the lighter cloth are available on request. Price: $139

Deluxe Edition

Bound in full black leather stamped in gold and silver. Blind-stamped leather doublures on both inside covers have “doors” that open. Edges are gilded and gauffered. Housed in a cloth and leather slipcase. Inset on the slipcase is a custom, 3-d printed bronze medallion in a motif that appears in 2 illustrations (can you spot it?). A special folder contains a set of cards with the book illustrations: full color on one side, black and white line art (not presented in the book) on the other. An extra card shows two alternate illustrations: a different full-color drawing of The Lady and an earlier version of The Lovers. The deluxe edition is signed by the artist. Price: $805

To purchase, please email Rebecca Bingham at I accept payment by Pay Pal and will send an invoice. Other payment types by individual arrangement.

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