Forked: The Sequel

Well, the mystery of the forked yard is now solved. The culprit was a good friend of my daughter, who thought it would be funny. It was funny — although perhaps not unalleviatedly so for my daughter, since she was the one who had to “weed” our yard of 3 pounds of white plastic cutlery.

Identifying the perpetrator of  this crime of plastic turned out to be pathetically easy in the Age of Facebook. Our compulsive need to share our lives with friends, acquaintances, and total strangers means that virtually everything we do is documented, these days (note to self: including this post). To A.S., I offer this advice:

Cross off criminal from your list of career possibilities.

Apparently, our enterprising young vandal decided to document her efforts… and then post them on Facebook.  This is how my daughter discovered she was the “perp.” (And no, I am not going to add to the publicity by linking to or posting the photos here.)

Truth to tell, the prank was funny, and posting the pictures was funnier still. It does make me wonder, though, where we draw the line regarding what personal information we share — and with whom.


  1. Jo Ann Hull

    Well, how could the perp resist posting that stunt. It was way better than most of the things those younguns post. Of course, I’m on a privacy list of one (well two now since Josie added my sister to the list), so I can only see posts by a quick look over Josie’s shoulder.


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