Barbara Bixby Jeweled Art

draft_lens21088592_1370154847a__a_a_Barbara Bixby’s jewelry is avidly sought by collectors around the world. Her intricate, intriguing pieces are deeply spiritual, combining gemstones and motifs that have meanings both personal and global. The combination of exquisite, feminine design with edgy, free-spirited themes results in creations that are satisfying on both aesthetic and emotional levels.

Her creations share a sensibility that reaches for deep meaning even as it retains a sense of light-hearted whimsy. Each gemstone, each design element is chosen with precision, to combine in ways that allow the wearer to express  what is truly personal. The designs pay homage to ancient, spiritual traditions and to the wonders of nature. The result is jewelry that is both art and talisman.

Over the next several weeks, I will be posting a series of pages about various aspects of Barbara Bixby’s exquisite and intriguing jewelry.

Read more about Barbara Bixby’s jeweled creations.


  1. Diane

    Congratulations on this imaginative and creative fabulous website!! I will be following on a daily basis and wish you much success!!! I think this is going to be a wonderfully popular site!!

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  2. DiannaP

    So happy you found a way to share your Barbara Bixby pages again! Can’t wait to see everything as you are able to post. 🙂


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  4. Tina Smith

    Love this so much! Love all the photos and the website.


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