Do I Hafta Make a Bucket List?

draft_lens17897669module149859732photo_1304010487best_bucketBucket lists are just “to do” lists with delusions of grandeur. I have to ask myself: Why make a bucket list? Do we really need them?

Somehow, making bucket lists is beginning to seem to me like a Hallmark(TM) holiday. You know — the ones they make up so people will run out and buy cards and neon-hued stuffed bears clutching hearts and flowers. Or little gold plastic trophies proclaiming Best Bucket List Ever. Can Bucket List Day be far behind?

Maybe this makes me a curmudgeon, but I keep wondering why we need to formalize our goals and aspirations to this extent; to entomb them within neatly numbered lists that we then dutifully drag with us as we plow through each item.

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