I Collect Miniature Books

comparing-book-sizesI collect miniature books. The first time I saw a miniature book (defined as being under 3 inches in its largest dimension), I was enchanted by its size and also by the possibilities it offered from a design perspective. My desire to own…many… was immediate. My desire to design my own was nearly as instantaneous. From the time of seeing my first miniature book until the time I published my first one was about 2 months. It proved to be a tiny portal to a wide area of interest and enjoyment. Collecting Miniature Books.


  1. Shirley Martz

    This is a whole new concept to me. So interesting! It identifies for me a miniature book we have titled Daily Food. The inscription on the fly leaf says, Presented by PleasantRidge Presbyterian Church Christmas 1885.
    I am guessing it was given to my husbands grandmother who grew up in that church in Cincinnati.

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  2. Joe Sciascia

    I have just started collecting miniature books.I have already aquired quite a few.I live in London U.K. I would love to get in touch with other collectors


    • You’ve started on an exciting and really fun journey. Let me suggest the Miniature Book Society (www.mbs.org), you’ll find a wealth of information about miniature books and a group or knowledgeable and enthusiastic collectors and publishers. Also, if you click on any of the Rebecca Press links on this site, you can see some of the books I’ve produced… Enjoy

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    • John Price

      Hello. I am antiquarian bookseller in London, and I am just about to send out a list of 25 miniatures, by email attachment. If you’d like to see a copy of the list, please send me an email: books@jvprice.com
      I live in N1 and workd from


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