Weird Meat

(Things I find funny that almost nobody else does)


Meat Clown

(Is this what they mean by meat cute? ) I’d never seen anything like this before, but a friend who was born and raised in Germany said that this type of thing was a common sight when he was a child.

meat clown

Meat in a Suitcase

You can take it with you. (Not suitable for long flights.)


Gift-wrapped Meat

Because the only thing better than sausage is sausage in costume.


Meat Art: It’s a Thing

I encountered the above images by chance. Having seen them, though, I had to just take a brief look around to see if they were random and unrelated or whether they were glimpses into a hitherto unsuspected world.

Here’s what I discovered: meat as an art medium isn’t as rare as you might think. A brief search of the term meat art brought more horrifying images to my screen than I could stomach. Among the images: meat sculptures of Mt. Rushmore (a museum installation) and one of Hello Kitty. A sofa (and matching wing chair) constructed of resin-infused entrails — kind of deli-in-a-pillow was so graphic I could barely look at the cross sections.

Photographs by artist Dimitri Tsykalov depict truly disturbing images of military gear and weapons made from meat. I’ve chosen not to display any of those images here, but feel free to Google and gag at your own pace. There have been a couple of art installations featuring work made entirely from, meat (replete with smells and maggots… eww). One of them, Best of the Wurst, was dedicated to rendering famous works of art in sausage.

At the inspired end of the spectrum are the food landscapes created by photographer Carl Warner. His work is amazing — fanciful and clever and so much fun to look at. The meatscapes, by necessity, are mostly monochromatic, so a bit more subdued. I show one here, because that’s what fits this post, but I urge you to give yourself the pleasure of a visit to his site. He has also done a couple of books and some jigsaw puzzles. Amazon carries them.


Salami Tuscany by Carl Warner




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