Defining the Rainbow

A Compendium of Color Explorations

rainbow-pinwheel squareI look for rainbows. When the sky is heavy with rain and the sun pushes out from behind thick, gray clouds, I know conditions are right for a spectral display and I go out to meet it. I’ve been known to run outside barefoot in frosty weather, eagerly scanning the sky; if in the car, I will change direction to search. Color has always intrigued me for its powerful influence on mood and environment. I am gathering links to each color exploration into this rainbow-filled page. From here, you can click on a specific color image and be taken to the full page for that color. Note: this is a work in progress, so colors will be added over time. Please come back to see what’s new.

What will you explore first? Will you visit the page for your favorite color? Or will you choose to investigate a color of which you are less fond, in an attempt to understand its appeal to others? Before clicking on individual pages, though, please take some time to enjoy the colorful images and information on this page. Included are a quiz, a poll, and plenty of space for colorful commentary.

Red Orange Yellow green blue

purple pink white black brown

All the Colors

This gallery showcases some of the colorful images I’ve gathered, over time. I’ll be adding to and changing its contents from time to time.

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Real Rainbow Critters

It’s hard to believe that such colorful creatures as these occur naturally. Apparently, rainbows really do walk (and slither, creep, and fly) among us.

Cakes and Houses

Somehow, these go together. Don’t ask me why, just go with it.

rainbowweddingcake via burnettsboards via burnettsboards dot com via pinterest


June 26, 2015

June 26, 2015



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